A room where the floor isn’t just a cold, hard surface, but a warm embrace from Mother Nature herself… A room where your toes sink into the lush luxury of vinyl or the timeless charm of hardwood… Where walls, framed by baseboards, scream sophistication. No, that’s not a dream — that’s what you get with floors and baseboards from Radix Flooring in Sacramento.

A large selection of baseboards

Baseboards play the perfect supporting role in your home design. Why baseboards? Well, imagine showing up to a black-tie event in a stunning tuxedo or gown… but without shoes. Kinda kills the vibe. That’s what baseboards do for your rooms. They complete the look, tie everything together, and make sure your room is ready for its red carpet moment.

At Radix Flooring, you can find the following baseboards:

  • MDF Baseboards CORONADO 16 — Republic Laminate. Classy, timeless, and always in style. It’ll add elegance to any room with its clean lines and subtle detailing.
  • MDF Baseboards Sierra- 16 — Republic Laminate. Modern, sleek, and perfect for those who prefer a minimalist look.
  • MDF Baseboards VICTORIAN 16 — Republic Laminate. Rustic, rugged, and with a distressed finish that’s perfect for country-style homes.
  • MDF Baseboards SANTA FE 16 — Republic Laminate. These baseboards are simple, versatile, and can fit seamlessly into any room.
  • Baseboard Triangle (5 1/2′ x 16′). Luxury personified, with intricate detailing and a high-gloss finish.
  • Baseboard Column (5 1/2′ x 16′). It’s made from sustainable materials and perfect for those who want to make green choices in their home design.

These are not the only baseboard options currently available at our store. Want to know more? Visit our website and explore the baseboards that’ll make your rooms say, “Hello, Gorgeous!”, all available at affordable prices.

How to choose the right floor baseboards

So, how do you choose the right baseboards?

  • First off, take a good long look at your home. If you’re all about a classic, traditional vibe, then you’ll want baseboards with intricate detailing. But if your home is more modern and minimalist, go for clean-lined baseboards.
  • Are you bold and dramatic or more of a “less is more” kind of person? If you love making a statement, pick baseboards with unique designs and details that’ll make people go “Wow!”. If you prefer subtlety, opt for simple, understated baseboards that blend seamlessly with your decor.
  • Now, let’s get practical. Sure, style is important, but so are things like durability and dimensions. You don’t want a baseboard that looks great but falls apart within a year. And you don’t want one that doesn’t fit your space. So make sure to check the material and measurements before you buy.
  • Finally, don’t be shy to ask for help. We at Radix Flooring can help guide you to the perfect baseboard faster than you can say “baseboard”.

And when you see how good your room looks with the right baseboards, you’ll know it was all worth it.

What to look for when choosing baseboard molding wood

Well, baseboard moldings are the little black dress of interior design. But how do you choose the right baseboard molding wood?

  • Choosing the height for your baseboards boils down to your personal preferences. Do you want something dainty and understated, or are you aiming for skyscraper heights? Remember, it’s all about balance — don’t let your baseboards dwarf your room or vice versa.
  • Before you start dreaming of mahogany baseboards with gold detailing, let’s talk budget. Set a limit that makes your wallet comfortable. You don’t want to fall head over heels for a baseboard only to find out it’s way out of your league.
  • When it comes to style, your baseboards are the latest trendsetters. If your room’s vibe is more Coachella than Met Gala, go for something with curves and swirls. For a contemporary look, crisp lines are better.
  • The color of your baseboards is like the lipstick of your room sets the mood. It could be a natural stain that matches the floor, or a pop of color that screams “Look at me!”
  • On the material front, hardwoods like oak and maple are the priciest options. If you’re tight on the budget, there are plenty of affordable options that still bring the style.

So, have fun choosing the best baseboard and let your personal touch shine through in every choice. And Radix Flooring is here to help you. So, how to order and buy from us?

How to order from the online store Radix Flooring

Let’s make your rooms go from drab to fab in no time. Here’s how you can place your order and get it from us:

  1. Open the Radix Flooring website and go to our virtual “Baseboards and Moldings” section. Each product there is showcased with detailed descriptions and high-res images.
  2. When you’ve found the best one, hit the “Order” button.
  3. Head to checkout. Fill in your details and choose your payment mode.
  4. Now comes the best part — waiting for your fabulous baseboards to arrive. The delivery in Sacramento usually takes 2-3 days.

So, unleash your inner interior designer and start shopping. If you have some extra questions, feel free to call us or drop us an email. Our experienced flooring professionals are already waiting for you.