Forget what you’ve known about floors. This isn’t just something to walk on — the right floor sets the tone for every moment you experience in your home. Now, imagine stepping into a bathroom and having your breath taken away by a stunning mosaic underfoot or a stylish backsplash that becomes the focal point of your kitchen. That’s what the Radix Flooring store in Sacramento can offer you.

A large selection of kitchen backsplashes

The humble backsplash is a true warrior in your culinary arena. It successfully battles sauce splatters and oil splashes, all while adding a dash of pizzazz to your kitchen. And guess what? We at Radix Flooring have assembled an army of these champions just for you:

  • Classic subway tiles. Pure elegance for those who dig the timeless look.
  • Colorful mosaics. If you’re more of a Picasso in the kitchen, our vibrant mosaic backsplashes are perfect for you.
  • Modern marvels. These are perfect for modern trendsetters among you.

We’ve traveled far and wide (well, metaphorically) to curate a truly diverse collection — from porcelain and ceramic delights to exotic offerings. All of them are durable, easy-to-clean, and heat-resistant works of art. You can choose between glossy, matte, or a mix of finishes.

So, let’s turn a place where food is prepared into something extraordinary and cook up your dream kitchen one backsplash at a time.

How to choose the best backsplashes for the kitchen

So, how do you pick a backsplash that’s not just a heartthrob but also a hard worker? Here are some useful tips for you:

  • Are you a matchy-matchy person or do you like to mix things up? Sometimes, having your backsplash and countertop in perfect harmony creates a unified design. Other times, playing the contrast card can match your interior better.
  • Ceramic tiles, stainless steel, glass — the material of your backsplash can set the mood in your kitchen. A cozy, homely vibe, a modern, minimalist feel, an artsy charm… There are various styles to choose from.
  • Don’t be shy to play around with color. A bold, vibrant backsplash can add a ton of personality to your kitchen. Or if you prefer a more elegant, understated look, opt for a neutral palette.
  • Tiny mosaic tiles or large panels? The size of your backsplash elements can change the overall look and feel. Smaller tiles can create a detailed, intricate look, while larger ones can give off a clean, modern vibe.
  • Feeling a bit adventurous? How about a patterned backsplash? Geometric designs, floral motifs — just think of the gasps of admiration from your guests when they lay eyes on your unique backsplashes.
  • While we’re all about style, let’s not forget that a backsplash has a job to do — protect your walls from kitchen messes. So make sure it’s easy to clean and can take the heat (literally!).

Keep these tips in your back pocket and you’ll choose the best backsplash that’s not just a feast for the eyes, but also a workhorse.

What to look for when choosing kitchen wall tiles mosaic

Let’s picture something. You’ve just walked into your kitchen. It’s morning, the sun’s shining in, and the first thing that catches your eye is that stunning mosaic floor. How did you get the perfect one?

  • Material matters — you can choose between glass, ceramic, porcelain, stone, or metal, each one with unique advantages. Glass makes things bright and beautiful. Stone, on the other hand, gives you that rugged, “I just walked into a medieval kitchen” vibe.
  • Your kitchen is a big, white canvas and you’re about to throw a color party. Neutrals offer an elegant look, but you can also go wild with vibrant colors and patterns.
  • Small tiles, big tiles, hexagons, arabesques — it’s a regular tile jamboree! Smaller ones can trick the eye into seeing more space, while larger ones say, “Hey, look at me!”
  • Choosing the right grout color is important as well. Blend it with your tiles for a sleek look, or contrast it to make each tile pop. Either way, make sure it ties everything together (pun intended).
  • Some tiles need extra TLC. Like natural stone tiles, they need sealing to keep them looking their best. Choose a tile that matches your “cleaning energy level”.
  • Know your budget limits, and stick to them, but remember: this is a long-term relationship you’re investing in.
  • Where you buy your tiles is also crucial. You want quality, variety, and good vibes. That’s where Radix Flooring can help. We have numerous mosaic and backsplash options for every style and whim.

So, ready to tile like you’ve never tiled before? Let’s find out how to order and buy from us at Radix Flooring.

How to order from the online store Radix Flooring

Let’s get you sorted on how to order your slice of heaven from our online store.

  1. Visit our virtual showroom — a true Narnia, but for home decor. Here you can find everything your heart could desire, from swanky vinyl planks to mosaic backsplashes that would make Michelangelo green with envy.
  2. If you’ve found the backsplash you like, click on it. Each product page contains comprehensive information about it.
  3. Click the”Order” button and it’s yours. You can explore even more as you never know what other beauties you’ll find.
  4. Done shopping? Click on the cart icon for a little review. Take a moment to admire your choices and make any last-minute tweaks.
  5. It’s time to fill out your details so we can send your order flying to you faster than a shooting star.
  6. Once you’ve double-checked everything, hit “Send”. You’re now officially a Radix Flooring connoisseur, so just await your delivery in Sacramento.

And if you ever need a chat or have any questions — about our products, your order, or even the meaning of life — our expert professionals are here for you.