Ever looked down at your floors and thought, “Hmm, these could use a serious style upgrade”? If so, it’s time to consider Luxury Vinyl Plank (Glue-down) as the durable, chic, and unique home decor accessory that can help you create a haven that reflects who you are. And Radix Flooring, a trusted flooring store in Sacramento, is ready to make your home one-of-a-kind.

A large selection of LVP flooring glue-down

Pull up a chair and get comfy because we’re serving up a platter of choices that’ll make your mouth water. Ever seen a floor that looks like a dreamy “Caldwell — Soft Clay” morning? Or maybe you prefer the cool, mysterious moods of a “Pro Solutions DB — Smokey Grey” evening? We’ve got them all.

Each plank battles against everyday wear and tear. Spills, scratches, pet antics — bring it on! They’re water-resistant and pet-friendly, so you can live your life with full gusto and leave the worry of floor maintenance to us.

At Radix Flooring, you can find the following types of Luxury Vinyl Plank (Glue-down) floors:

  • Water-resistant. Because life happens.
  • Pet-friendly. Your fur babies will love it!
  • Bio. For those who love Mother Earth.
  • Made in the USA/Europe. Homegrown or across the pond, we’ve got quality covered.
  • Matte/Glossy. To match your shine!
  • Porcelain/Ceramic. Add a dash of class.
  • Stone Polymer Composite (SPC). A stone-cold stunner for your home renovation.
  • Wood Plastic Composite (WPC). Warm, woodsy, and wonderful.

All our Luxury Vinyl Plank (Glue-down) floors are easy to clean (because who needs extra chores?) and can stand the test of time. They’re the stage on which your life plays out.

How to choose the right stick-down LVP flooring

Well, let’s transform your space into a haven that screams “you”. Here’s how you can select the best stick-down LVP flooring for your home:

  • First off, how wild does your household get? If you have pets, children, or a lot of foot traffic in your home, choose a tough-as-nails, bring-it-on kind of flooring.
  • What’s your vibe? Modern, rustic, traditional? Lucky for you, LVP flooring can mimic anything from polished stone to warm hardwood.
  • If you love the feel of a plush rug underfoot but hate the cleaning hassle, LVP flooring is your new BFF. Comfy, cozy, and a breeze to clean. Spills? What spills?
  • The shade of your flooring can play tricks with your room’s light. Want to make a small room feel like a grand ballroom? Go light. Want to add a dash of cozy to a large room? Darker tones will do the trick.
  • There’s something for every budget. Set your limit and watch as the perfect options reveal themselves.
  • Finally, don’t be shy about asking for samples before you buy your LVP flooring. See how it looks in your home, under your lighting.

The perfect floor you’ll find doesn’t just fit in but makes your home sing.

What to look for when choosing gluing LVP flooring

Well, when you visit the Radix Flooring store, you’ll be met with an ocean of options. So, what to look for when choosing gluing LVT flooring?

  • You want your flooring to be like a fine wine — aging gracefully over time. With Radix Flooring, you get a package deal of durability wrapped in a bow of elegance.
  • Don’t forget to choose a flooring design and color that’s going to complement your interior decor and match your aesthetics.
  • Now, glue-down LVP flooring isn’t easy to install. But the result? Worth it. If you’re a DIY master, this may be a fun project. For everyone else, our expert professionals offer quality installation services.
  • Don’t forget about the VIPs — your feet. After all, you’ll be walking on it every day. The thickness and wear layer of the LVP will give you an idea of how your feet are going to feel about your flooring choice. In terms of maintenance, LVP is known for being easy to clean and care for.
  • Finally, we come to the big P — Price. While LVP won’t make your wallet cry like hardwood or tile might, prices can vary. But we offer options for every budget and even financing options to sweeten the deal.

Your home is your theater, and it deserves a standing ovation. And Radix Flooring offers nothing but the best for this.

How to order from the online store Radix Flooring

So, you’ve got the vision, and we’ve got the floor. The perfect floor that’ll make your guests go “wow!” every single time. But how do you order and buy it? Simple!

  1. Start by clicking “Vinyl” and then “Luxury Vinyl Plank (Glue-down)” on the main page of our website.
  2. Scroll through the gorgeous lineup of Luxury Vinyl Plank floors. Each one’s got its advantages, complete with high-res photos and detailed descriptions. Let your room whisper its needs to you, and when you spot the best floor, click on it.
  3. Now, make it official. Hit the “Order” button. A little pop-up will wink at you, confirming that your dream floor is now waiting in your cart.
  4. All set? Let’s take a look. Click on the cart icon at the top right corner of the website. You can admire your choices, tweak quantities, or swap items.
  5. Feeling good about your selection? Now, fill in your billing and shipping info, and pick your payment method.
  6. Click “Send”. Once you get your confirmation email, just wait for your delivery in Sacramento and let our professionals install your new flooring.

So, you’ve just upgraded your home! If you need some expert advice, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime you want. We are always ready to help you.