What if the floor beneath your feet could speak volumes about your personality? What if each step inside your home could feel like walking on cloud nine? That’s what the Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) at the Radix Flooring store in Sacramento is all about.

A large selection of Luxury Vinyl Tiles

It’s time to feast your eyes on the crown jewel of Radix Flooring — our larger-than-life Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) plank collection. These LVT planks can mimic anything from the rustic charm of oak to the modern elegance of marble. Dreaming of a cozy log cabin vibe? Craving the sleek sophistication of a city loft? Consider it all done — our planks let you wear your heart on your floors.

What are the advantages of our LVT planks?

  • Pet-proof. Got a furry friend who thinks floors are scratch pads? Our LVT planks allow you to enjoy your pet’s company without worrying about your floor.
  • Water-who? Our LVT planks are waterproof, so you can wave goodbye to spills and splashes in kitchens, bathrooms, or wherever your life happens.
  • Style galore. Our styles can both mimic Mother Nature’s finest woods and showcase artistic abstract patterns — as diverse as your imagination.
  • Easy installation. Our LVT planks are as easy to install as clicking a button. You’ll have a brand-new floor before you know it — of course if you’re a DIY specialist. If not, don’t worry — our professionals can install your new floor in no time.
  • Durable as a diamond. These planks can handle heavy traffic, spills, and more, ensuring your floors keep turning heads for years.

Your home is a story you write. And our LVT planks are the words that bring it to life. Ready to pen your home’s next chapter with Radix Flooring? Let’s find out how to choose your Luxury Vinyl Tile flooring.

How to choose the right luxury tile vinyl flooring

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) should reflect your style, stand up to daily wear and tear, and feel perfect underfoot. Use these tips to find the best LVT flooring:

  • Your floor is the outfit your house wears every day. Is your home a laid-back, rustic type or more of a modern character? Maybe it loves to change with the seasons? No matter what, you can find an LVT style at Radix Flooring that’ll make your home the best-dressed on the block.
  • Have a house full of energetic kids or pets? Or maybe you’re the life of the party? Choose an LVT that can take the heat and still look cool. Our LVT flooring doesn’t just survive the daily marathon, it wins the gold every time.
  • Who says floors can’t feel like a soft, fluffy cloud underfoot? LVT gives you comfort and luxury rolled into one.
  • Want a floor that doesn’t demand constant attention? Our LVT options don’t require daily maintenance — they’re easy to clean and always look good.
  • If you want to live a high life without the high price, you’re sure to find an LVT that fits your budget and your taste.
  • Consider the room. Does your bathroom need waterproof flooring? Does your living room crave a plush, luxurious feel? Whatever the need, Radix Flooring has a perfect LVT for you.

Once you find your ideal LVT, you’ll feel like you’re walking in the air, and Radix Flooring is ready to help you.

What to look for when choosing luxury tile flooring

Now, let’s find out what to look for when choosing the perfect luxury tile flooring. You know, the kind that’ll make your guests’ jaws drop and ask, “Who’s your interior designer?”

  • Material quality matters much. Luxury vinyl tiles are tough, long-lasting, and ready to take on anything from high heels to toddler tantrums.
  • The design you choose can either make your decor pop or leave it looking flat. So, pick something that screams “you” and complements your home’s vibe.
  • If you ever walked barefoot on a cold, hard floor, you know it’s no fun. But with luxury tiles, you can say goodbye to chilly toes — you get a warm, soft feel underfoot that’s pure bliss.
  • Nobody wants to spend hours scrubbing floors. That’s why luxury tiles are easy to clean, water-resistant, and don’t require careful maintenance.
  • Some tiles are like complicated puzzles — they require a professional touch. Others are more DIY-friendly. Consider how much time (and money) you want to spend on installation before you buy your LVT floor.
  • If you’re all about saving the planet (high five to that!), look for tiles made from sustainable or recycled materials.
  • Regarding budget, luxury tiles can range from “Ooh, that’s reasonable” to “Wait, how much?!” So, choose something that makes your heart and wallet happy.

So, keep these points in mind, and you’ll be well on your way to choosing a luxury tile flooring that’s as fabulous as you are.

How to order from the online store Radix Flooring

Ready to transform your home into a Vogue-worthy spread with Radix Flooring’s luxurious vinyl tiles? Let’s find out how to order from us.

  • Open Radix Flooring’s website on your device.
  • Find the “Vinyl” tab in the menu bar. Click on “Luxury Vinyl Tile” and prepare yourself for a visual feast.
  • Scroll through the options, and soak up the colors, patterns, and textures. Each one tells its little story, so enjoy the narrative.
  • If you found your perfect floor, click on it for the details — size, color, price, and more.
  • Once you’re smitten, hit the “Order” button. Feel free to play the field and add a few options to your wishlist — we’re all about options here.
  • When you’re ready to commit, open your cart, review your choice (or choices, we don’t judge), fill in your deets, choose your payment method, and you’re done.
  • Now, all you’ve got to do is wait for your delivery in Sacramento and start planning your next Instagram post featuring your fabulous new floor.

Ordering luxury vinyl tiles from Radix Flooring is as easy as pie, and twice as fun. Need a helping hand? Feel free to contact our expert team by phone or email.